Entity in Denmark

Denmark is ranked in the top among countries in Europe with the ease of doing business in. The general workforce is qualified and there is very little bureaucracy. The country has 25% VAT and 22% company taxes. The share capital deposited is not blocked or regarded as a cost but should be used as company capital.

IVS (Limited Entrepreneur Entity)
Required Company Capital: 1 EUR

Setup Fee: 2.000 EUR

ApS (Private Limited Entity)
Required Capital: 50.000 DKK (6.710 EUR)

Setup Fee: 4.000 EUR

A/S (Public Limited Entity)
Required Capital: 500.000 DKK
(67.100 EUR)

Note: 1 Director and 3 board members are required. Director can occupy one of the board member spots.

Setup Fee: 6.000 EUR

- Company Formation
- Articles of Association
- Memorandum
- VAT registration

- Company Address
- Mail service
- Director & Board member service
- Bank Account
- Appointment of accountant and lawyer

The steps for company formation in Denmark are briefly outlined in the list below:
  • We help you choose a suitable type of legal entity: this is done by observing the size of the future business, its goals, and objectives, along with the available capital for incorporation.
  • Choose a unique business name and open a bank account: each company must have a unique business name and a bank account opened, preferably with one of the Danish banks.
  • Actual company registration: once the company’s constitutive documents are complete, we submit all of them to the Danish Business Authority; each company is assigned a CVR number.
  • Tax registration: We will register with the Danish Customs and Tax Administration.