Small/Medium Entities 

Our self-made product name is "pre-defined profits" and is enabling a very secure, stable and predictable profit for our investors. The concept is entirely a liquidity facilitator for companies operating full order books and is in the need of quick capital to deliver their presold goods or services.

Your Security - Our Responsibility 
Every capital placement is secured the best way possible. Normally with official title deeds, personal and corporate obligation commitment, mortgage in easy convertible tangibles, temporarily ownership on facilitated goods, payback guarantees from banks or well known corporate private companies, governments etc. In most cases, we secure ownership majority in the companies.


One of our biggest business areas is vehicle financing for larger leasing companies and car manufacturers.

All leasing vehicles are already sold pre-hand to credit approved clients with a downpayment/deposit, a binding contract and with the guarantee of the facilitating company.

Monthly ROI: 1,2%
Investor Payout: Every 90 days. 
Period: Minimum 12 months.
Investment Amount: From EUR 200.000 

Online Affiliate & E-Commerce

We are acquiring well-documented affiliate and e-commerce sites, most commonly pages with a high organic and increasing SEO-based traffic source within the financial industry. Our in-house team of specialist is maintaining and optimizing the businesses.

Monthly ROI: 1,1%
Investor Payout: Every 90 days. 
Period: Minimum 12 months.
Investment Amount: From EUR 200.000 

Payment Infrastructure

Facilitating and managing holdings (deposits and cash) in EUR, AED, GBP, and USD is one of our new products. Our clients are exchanges, high net-worth clients and corporate companies looking to cash out or deposit from different locations in the world. The success is built in bridging different kinds of economies around the world. From cashless, cash-heavy to even cryptocurrencies.

Monthly ROI: 0.8%
Investor Payout: Every 90 days
Period: Minimum 12 months 
Investment Amount: From EUR 200.000