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Welcome to our homepage and universe of free thinking, privacy, financial freedom, and alternative solutions.

When ordinary people see problems we see opportunities and solutions. The old Chinese saying: "you catch no fish in clear water" is a mantra we not only believe in but a perspective we by great success operate from.

We combine low tax pressure with a high standard of living and personal security. Your future financial security is as important as your current holdings.

We play by the rules applied by lawmakers and make them bend your way instead of against you. Some battles are not worth taking, and best won by none resistance. Let us be your compass and navigation for avoiding stormy waters and let us be your protection when conflict is inevitable.

Investors Group

What's going on in Investors Group right now? 

investors group office in puerto banus

New office in Marbella


We are extending our areas of business

Investors Group Office in Dubai

 Office in Lamborghini building in Dubai